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Heaven or Hell, you could die today. Find out if your eternal destination is in Heaven or Hell. Have you ever lied, stolen anything, committed adultery, or used God's name in vain? If God judged you according to your answers, would you be innocent or guilty? Would you go to heaven or hell? If you rob a bank, you're guilty of breaking federal law. If you've lied, stolen, committed adultery, or used God's name in vain, you're guilty of breaking God's law; the 10 Commandments. If you stand before a judge for robbing a bank, do you think he'll let you go or make sure you're punished properly? If he's a good judge he'll make sure you pay the penalty for your crime. God says the penalty for breaking His law is eternal hell. That should concern you. Let's say the punishment for robbing the bank is life in prison. On the day of the trial somebody you don't even know offers to serve the sentence for you. The judge approves on the condition you do anything this person commands of you. If you don't, you'll have to go to prison. You should be very grateful and gladly do what's commanded. This is what God did for you, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on a cross and God accepts this as payment for your sin (breaking His law) as long as Jesus tells Him you're covered. If you don't accept Jesus and obey His commands He'll turn you over to God to be judged and punished, which God says in the Bible is eternal HELL! Hell is torment and agony beyond your imagination. Will you allow Jesus to take this punishment for you? If yes, Jesus asks you to accept Him as your Savior, confess your sins to Him, ask Him for forgiveness, flee from all sin in your life (known as repentence), and read the Bible daily. This will ensure your ticket to HEAVEN! For more information visit - www.KnowYourEternity.com